About Us

Our firm easily brings together knowledge, skills, and experience to represent our clients effectively and efficiently. Moore, Johnson & Saraniti Law Firm offers legal and professional services in the areas of family law, personal injury, probate administration, estate planning, Medicaid planning, commercial and residential real estate, community associations, debt collections, business incorporation, and general civil litigation.

We are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. Since forming our company, clients have trusted us to help them reach their legal and business objectives. Our clients expect responsive, top-quality legal work. We provide it promptly, attentively, and cost-effectively.

We are committed to supporting our profession. Our lawyers have taken leadership roles on a county and local level, including politics, community, and civic and charitable organizations. Through firm-wide and individual efforts, we help make our cities and counties better places to live and work.

We are committed to the future. We have enjoyed success over the years by anticipating and reacting to changes in technology, in the law, in our clients’ businesses, and in our clients’ objectives and needs. We look forward to our next 30 years.


Our goal is to meet the evolving legal needs of our community by providing the highest quality legal services with uncompromising ethical standards. We maintain a client-oriented, technologically efficient, and process-driven environment. To further accomplish our goals, our attorneys and staff strive to:

- Maintain the highest professional standards in all matters of the practice. - Meet or exceed every client's expectations for efficient, effective, and professional legal services. - Build foundations with our clients to ensure long-term relationships. - Seek out and participate in opportunities to expand our knowledge of the law and our capacity to deliver legal services. - Be respectful and courteous towards our clients, vendors, and opposing counsel. - Provide a team to address client's various legal needs, including access to other professionals such as accountants, appraisers, and investment sectors. - Recognize that the financial stability of the firm is a key value and that our time and advice is our stock in trade.


Our guiding philosophy is to provide clients with legal tools and options that will enable them to take control of their personal and business affairs. We understand that the qualities clients value most in their professional advisors are competence, responsiveness, and sensitivity to their needs. We believe that clients are best served if they maintain long-term relationships with their attorneys and other advisors, and we strive to create and maintain those relationships. We place special emphasis on listening carefully to our clients, helping them understand their options, and maintaining an open channel for communication.


We promise our clients quality service with personal attention. We believe as our client you:

- Have the right to our respect - Have the right to talk to your attorney when you call or receive a prompt return phone call - Have the right to expect competence from our firm and all who work here - Have the right to attention from us - Have the right to loyalty to you and your cause - Have the right to know the truth about your case - Have the right to efficiency in your legal representation - Have the right to a fair written agreement with our firm - Have a right to a fair fee for the work we do - Have the right to make the ultimate decision on your case


All attorneys are governed by a high standard called the Rules of Professional Conduct. We believe as attorneys we must live by these rules in all that we do and say.

Among these rules is one specific right you should be aware of that your lawyer is obligated to provide: CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY. This is called attorney-client privilege. This means that a lawyer or any member of the firm's staff cannot reveal most things you say or show to your lawyer. This is true if you have hired that lawyer or just talked with a lawyer and communicated certain information. There are exceptions, such as, someone who reveals something illegal (ie. a scheme to defraud or give perjured testimony).


Moore, Johnson & Saraniti Law Firm, P.A. welcomes your calls and letters. Please do not send us confidential or proprietary information until you have spoken with an attorney from our firm. We will not treat unsolicited information that you may send to us as confidential or privileged, and any unsolicited communications may be disclosed to other persons without regard to confidentiality considerations. Please see our Disclaimer for further information regarding privacy issues.